Operational Environment

Real Estate Development

We operate in all stages of the real estate development process. Our activities include evaluating business opportunities, acquiring land, developing the project, executing works, obtaining licenses, permits and government approvals, as well as marketing, sales and administration. We aim to create projects that combine tradition and modernity, in a unique and innovative way.

Most of our projects in this segment were developed in and around São Paulo. Currently, this business is focused on: (i) sale of (ia) existing inventories of Fazenda Boa Vista, destined for high income in the interior of the state of São Paulo, which includes complete infrastructure for sports, leisure and services, including a hotel, whose luxury is unmatched in Brazil, according to an article in the newspaper O Globo; and (i.b) units of the launch of Fasano Cidade Jardim, a residential development connected to Shopping Cidade Jardim; and (ii) launch of the projects (ii.a) Boa Vista Village, a residential, commercial and leisure complex adjacent to Fazenda Boa Vista; and (ii.b) Boa Vista Estate, a complex adjacent to FBV and Village, with more private areas and estancia sales. Thus, our pipeline for this sector is anchored in luxury developments already consolidated in the national scenario.

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Malls, Retail and Digital

We have been developers and operators of shopping centers since 1999 and have focused our projects on niches. This results-generating unit comprises (i) the Shoppings Malls business unit: which consolidates the operations and services (administration, parking and energy supply and telecommunications) for malls; (ii) Cidade Jardim Fashion (e-commerce); and (iii) Retail: operation of international luxury brands.

Our current portfolio is:

Current portfolio Location % JHSF Total GLA (sqm) GLA JHSF (sqm) Opening date
Shopping Cidade Jardim São Paulo – SP 50.0% 39,012 19,510 2008
Shopping Bela Vista Salvador – BA 26.0% 51,351 13,356 2012
Shopping Ponta Negra Manaus – AM 40.0% 35,093 14,041 2013
Catarina Fashion Outlet São Roque – SP 50.0% 29,367 14,686 2014
Boa Vista Market Porto Feliz – SP 100.0% 948 948 2020
Shops Jardins São Paulo – SP 70.0% 6,000 4,200 2020

The operation portfolio is:

Operation portfolio Location % JHSF Total GLA (sqm) GLA JHSF (sqm) Expected opening date
Faria Lima Shops* São Paulo – SP 74.6% 9,383 7,180 2S23
Real Parque Mall* São Paulo – SP 100.0% 20,000 20,000 2S23
Boa Vista Village Mall* Porto Feliz – SP 100.0% 24,894 24,894 1S23
Catarina Fashion Outlet Expansion – Phase 1 São Roque – SP 68.0% 25,000 17,000 2S22
Catarina Fashion Outlet Expansion – Phase 2 São Roque – SP 68.0% 15,000 10,200 1S24
Shopping Cidade Jardim Expansion São Paulo – SP 50.0% 10,964 5,483 1S22
Hotel Fasano CJ Expansion São Paulo – SP 50.0% 4,800 4,800 2023
Usina SP – SCJ II São Paulo – SP 67,0% 12,590 8,435 1S23 a 1 S26

*Expected JHSF participation

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Hotels & Restaurants

Hotel and Restaurants operations under the Fasano brand, includes 9 hotels in operation (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Fazenda Boa Vista, Punta del Este, Angra dos Reis, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, NY and Trancoso), as well as 28 restaurants and bars in 8 cities (São Paulo, Porto Feliz, Rio de Janeiro, , Angra dos Reis, Punta del Este, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Trancoso).

The potential growth of this division, in short term, will derive from 4 new hotels in Brazil (Itaim, Cidade Jardim, Miame e Mamucabo), where we will also develop new restaurants activities. In the medium and long term, we intend to internationalize the operations, having the United States and Europe as a destination for our additional operations.

Recently, we expanded our operations to the United States. We launched in New York the Fasano Fifth Avenue, a new development with private apartments Private Residences and Club Residences (multi-owned), and the Fasano New York Restaurant on Park Avenue. The start of activities is scheduled for 2021, subject to obtaining customary licenses for this type of operation.

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International Executive Airport

The São Paulo Catarina International Executive Airport, which opened its first phase on December 16th, 2019, is the first executive airport in Brazil, thought about 10 years ago, when an opportunity was identified to contribute to the improvement of infrastructure and business aviation services. With a structure and service different from the current offer in Brazil, the São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport has a 2,470-meter long runway, 17,700 sq.m of hangar and 39,369 sq.m of yards. The Company is currently working on the internationalization of the São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport, in order to make the São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport the gateway for the entry of passengers and investments in Brazil.

The business model we have adopted is similar to solutions implemented in cities such as New York, London and Paris, which, after developing airports exclusively dedicated to business aviation, helped to contour the capacity bottleneck of commercial airports, the same difficulty observed in the two main airports in the Metropolitan region of Sao Paulo.

The source of revenue for this segment is composed of (i) aircraft hangar revenue; (ii) resale of fuel and (iii) revenue from movements (landings and takeoffs).

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