Income Report

Income Report

The income reports on book-entry assets of the issuers that are part of the Bradesco Bookkeeping System will no longer be sent in printed form and will be available exclusively in digital format, contributing to the reduction of printing costs and minimizing impacts on the environment.

To access this document, the investor must access the Digital Documents Portal – PDD (, a platform created that allows the viewing, printing and downloading of documents in a fully digital way, according to the procedures below:

1) In the portal, click on First Access;
2) Enter your CPF and date of birth. In the case of Legal Entities, enter the CNPJ and the date of foundation;
3) To verify your identity, choose one of the options: phone number or email;
4) Enter the code received and create your password;
5)Ready! Your login has already been created. Just enter your CPF or CNPJ and the registered password.

Furthermore, for Bradesco account holders, the consultation and issuance of the Income Report directly via Internet Banking/Investimentos/Consultations is maintained. Under Book-entry Assets, select the Query Income Report – 2nd copy option.

The shareholder may also forward an e-mail to: or keep in touch by calling 0800-7011616 | 4020-5347.