Operational Environment

JHSF is a leading company in the high-income sector, with activities in the development and management of unique, innovative multipurpose projects with a high perception of value by customers, in the sectors of:



We develop and operate all our shopping centers, actively participating in all phases of the business, from land identification, through project planning, to its sale and management. We have created our own know-how in the implementation and management of our shopping centers.

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Hospitality & Gastronomy

Hospitality and gastronomy services operated by the Company with and without the “Fasano” brand.

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International Executive Airport

Inaugurated at the end of 2019, it began operating international flights in June 2021. It is the first airport dedicated exclusively to executive aircraft in Brazil.

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Rental Houses and Clubs

The projects in this segment seek, through the construction of houses, apartments and clubs, to expand the generation of recurring income for JHSF.

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International high-end brands that the Company operates exclusively in Brazil and that have as a strategic objective the intensification of the portfolio, serving exclusively the high-income customer.

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Digital + ID

Consolidation of the results of E-commerce “CJ Fashion” and other digital operations in JHSF ID Membership, a loyalty and rewards program of the Company.

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JHSF Capital delivers real estate development financial investment products and solutions to special Clients.

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Real Estates Development

We work in all stages of the real estate development process. Our activities include (i) evaluating business opportunities; (ii) acquisition of land; (iii) project development; (iv) management of works; (v) obtaining licenses; (vi) government permits and approvals, as well as marketing, sales and administration.

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This business segment consolidates:

We consolidates the operations of shopping centers, services for malls (administration, parking and energy and telecommunications supply)

Current portfolio:

Current Portfolio Location % JHSF Total GLA (sqm) GLA JHSF (sqm) Opening date
Shopping Cidade Jardim São Paulo – SP 50.01% 47,080 23,545 2008
Shopping Bela Vista Salvador – BA 26.01% 51,145 13,303 2012
Shopping Ponta Negra Manaus – AM 40.01% 36,349 14,543 2013
Catarina Fasion Outlet São Roque – SP 50.01% 29,128 14,567 2014
Catarina Fasion Outlet 3ʳᵈ Expansion São Roque – SP 68.00% 21,791 14,818 2023
Boa Vista Market Porto Feliz – SP 100.00% 949 949 2020
Shops Jardins São Paulo – SP 70.00% 6,000 4,200 2020

Portfólio em execução:

Operation portfolio Location % JHSF Total GLA (sqm) GLA JHSF (sqm) Expected opening date
Boa Vista Village Town Center Porto Feliz – SP 10o.00% 14,358 14,358 2024
SCJ II Usina SP São Paulo – SP 67.00% 12,590 8,435 TBD
Faria Lima Shops São Paulo – SP 76.52% 8,500 6,343 2026
Faria Lima Offices São Paulo – SP 100.00% 4,800 4,800 2026
CFO Expansão – Fase 2 São Roque – SP 68.00% 15,000 10,200 TBD

NOTE: The above information regarding new projects and expansions is subject to change.

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We currently have 10 hotels in operation (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Feliz, Punta del Este, Angra dos Reis, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and NY), in addition to 36 restaurants and bars in 9 cities (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Feliz, Angra dos Reis, Punta del Este, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Trancoso and NY).

International expansion is already underway with the opening of the Fasano NY hotel and restaurant, and with portfolios contracted for Miami and London. In addition to hotels and restaurants that will be developed without the Fasano brand on the Parque Catarina – Boa Vista axis.

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The business model we adopted is similar to solutions implemented in cities such as New York, London and Paris, which, after developing airports dedicated exclusively to business aviation, circumvented the capacity bottleneck of commercial airports, the same difficulty seen in the two main airports in Metropolitan region of Sao Paulo.

The main revenues from this segment are: (i) revenue from aircraft hangars; (ii) resale of fuel and (iii) revenue from movements (landings and takeoffs).

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  • Rental houses

The company currently has 10,021 sqm under lease + 15,143 sqm added in Dec/23 (Fasano Residences and Golf Residences).

In addition to new projects: Bosque Cidade Jardim, Reserva Cidade Jardim and new units at Boa Vista Village.

  • Clubs

In June 2023, the Boa Vista Village Surf Club, the company’s first club, was officially opened.

We currently sell memberships of São Paulo Surf Club, located in the future Real Park project.

The clubs surf pools have PerfectSwell technology from American Wave Machines, one of the most recognized companies in the surf industry.


Currently we have in operation 12 brands and 2 multi-brands, distributed in 20 stores. Currently, the stores are present in the Cidade Jardim Mall, Shops Jardins, BV Market and Catarina Fashion Outlet.

Balman, Chloé, Celine and Gianvito Rossi are examples of the renowned brands that make up the operation of this segment.


JHSF ID Membership offers exclusively to members of the program CJ Fashion (E-commerce), CJ Food, and CJ Concierge (Private Shoppers), and they will have access to an exclusive channel to use J-Coins, the program’s exclusive virtual currency, in an extensive network of more than 200 partners, both inside and outside the JHSF ecosystem.

In addition, members will have access to an exclusive credit card that will bring even more benefits.


Through professional investment management, JHSF Capital brings the opportunity of co-investment in the Company’s real estate development projects, in addition to structuring income, malls and real estate receivables funds.


The projects in this segment are developed in and around São Paulo city in large areas strategically acquired by the Company, currently divided into 4 Complexes:

I. Boa Vista Complex

  • Fazenda Boa Vista

Launched at the end of 2007, the project includes a complete infrastructure for sports and services, including a hotel, which has been repeatedly awarded by the hotel media. It is located in Porto Feliz municipality, approximately one hour away from São Paulo.

  • Boa Vista Village

Launched at the end of 2019, the development is a residential, commercial and leisure complex adjacent to Fazenda Boa Vista. Boa Vista Village has themed condominiums, sale of apartments and lots, in addition to an integrated shopping center.

  • Boa Vista Estates

Pre-launched in mid-2021, the project will bring together estancias, lots and residences, in addition to amenities for the comfort and leisure of high-income families. It is located in front of Fazenda Boa Vista and has about 6 million m².

II. Parque Catarina Complex

  • Catarina Resort

Multi-use project under development with several attractions, including a surf pool, residential and hotel units.

  • Catarina Town

The project under development aims to build a residential and commercial hub, in a region already consolidated by the São Paulo Catarina Executive International Airport and the Catarina Fashion Outlet, located in São Roque, about 30 minutes from São Paulo.

III. Cidade Jardim Complex

  • Fasano Residences

Launched in September 2019, Fasano Cidade Jardim is a complete development designed for high-end families with hotel services integrated into the apartments. In addition to the comfort of the quality services provided by Fasano, the enterprise will also have a club with various activities and services.

  • Real Park

A multi-purpose project under development, it will include the first surf club in the City of São Paulo, the “São Paulo Surf Clube”, integrated with residential towers.

  • Reserva Cidade Jardim

Pre-launched in 2Q22, the project consists of residential and hotel units, with several amenities designed for the comfort and leisure of families. The project will be phased and will have 4 towers.

IV. Bragança Paulista 

  • Fazenda Santa Helena

51% Acquisition  of the company with a total area approximately of 5.7 million m² located in the Bragança Paulista municipality, approximately one hour from São Paulo. The project, still under development, will be a field project consisting of lots and houses with the quality already known at Fazenda Boa Vista.

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