Constitution of JHS Construção e Planejamento


Construction of its first bank branch (pioneer in this segment)

  • Begins development of residential buildings
  • Begins delivering major projects such as hotels and shopping malls


Creation of a new company, JHSF Engenharia

Launches Brazil’s first loft-style undertaking, Edificio American Loft

Creation of the properties division, geared towards the development of class A buildings in São Paulo

Creation of the shop 2001 ping mall division, with the inauguration of Shopping Metro Santa Cruz, the country’s first subway station mall

Begins corporate restructuring

  • Constitution of the Company, with capital paid in through a transfer
  • Launch of the first phase of the Parque Cidade Jardim project


  • Acquisition of a majority interest in the Fasano hotel chain
  • Launch of the second and third phases of Parque Cidade Jardim and the first phase of Fazenda Boa Vista
  • Is listed in the Bovespa Novo Mercado trading segment


Launch pf the second phase of Fazenda Boa Vista and various projects in São Palo, Salvador and Uruguay

  • Sale of two properties (Shop ping Metro Santa Cruz and Edificio J.M.Pinheiro Neto)
  • Initial deliveries of Parque Cidade Jardim and Fazenda Boa Vista


  • Launch of projects totaling R$1 billion in São Paulo, Porto Feliz, Salvador and Manaus
  • Continuation of Parque Cidade Jardim and Fazenda Boa Vista deliveries and delivery of the Hotel Fasano In Uruguay


  • Launch of new projects (new phases of Fazenda Boa Vista, Horto Bela Vista and Las Piedras)
  • Inauguration of the Hotel Fasano in Fazenda Boa Vista
  • Delivery of two towers of the Cidade Jardim Corporate Center and the Villas Fasano do Lago Fazenda Boa Vista



  • Dedicates the year to investing in shopping malls and real estate devel opment
  • Acquisition of a building on 5th Avenue da in New York To be transformed into an income property
  • Forms a joint venture for Valentino and Red Valentino in Brazil



  • Inaugurates a new subway shopping mall, Shopping Metro Tucuruvi, and a high-end mall in Manaus, Shopping Ponta Negra
  • Launch of four residential projects and two new phases of Fazenda Boa Vista


  • Begins the construction works for the Catarina Executive Airport in São Roque (SP)
  • Sale ot 80% of the company operating the Hermes brand in Brazil
  • Inauguration of the Catarina Fashion Outlet, in São Roque (SP
  • Acquisition of Fasano Restaurant Operations and the rights to use this brand
  • It has made no launches in 2014


  • Opening of the first Ralph Lauren store in Latin America and the Parigi Bistrot restaurant, both in Shopping Cidade Jardim
  • Agreement to operate the Miami Beach Shore Club in Miami, Florida
  • Opening of the first expansion of Catarina Fashion Outlet
  • Retail brands sale: Hermes last 20% stake and Emilio Pucci’ operation
  • It has made no launches in 2015


  • Sale of Company’s international assets
  • Sale of 100% of Shopping Metro Tucuruvi
  • Sale of 33% of Shopping Cidade Jardim
  • Capital structure improvement and debt reduction of R$15 billion


  • Sales of minority participation in Malls in the Company portfolio to XP Malls FII (Real Estate Fund);
  • Launched of E-commerce CJ Fashion
  • Resumption of project launches in the Real Estate Development segment (Fasano Cidade Jardim and Boa Vista Village)
  • Follow on successfully concluded, raising R$ 513 million
  • Inauguration of São Paulo Catarina Aeroporto Executivo, Brazil’s first executive airport
  • Intensification of the digital strategy with an increase in the CJ Fashion portfolio, creation of CJ Food and the Fasano application.
  • Opening of Boa Vista Market, located at Fazenda Boa Vista and Opening of CJ Shops Jardins, located at Haddock Lobo Street.
  • Follow on carried out successfully, raising approximately R $ 400 million.