At the end of 2021 JHSF finalized the structuring of the Strategic Sustainability Guidelines. 6 commitments were established (highlighted below), which bring together 12 priority topics listed by our stakeholders.

  • Partnership with GRAACC Hospital;
  • Support to the Ayrton Senna Institute;
  • Support to ABRACE – socio-educational assistance for young people with disabilities;
  • Safeguard seal of the Bureau Veritas Group;
  • More than R$ 2 million in donation in order to face the covid-19 pandemic;
  • Revitalization of Rua Amaury;
  • Donations to Casa do Zezinho;
  • Support to the Jardim Panorama community;
  • Internal program called + Diversidade – preaches plurality and inclusion among its employees;
  • Assistance for the MaskUp project – a social project in which the proven profit from the sale of face masks is reverted to donations of food and masks to communities in situations of social vulnerability;
  • Support for the installation of intensive care unit bed for Santa Casa of Porto Feliz;
  • Donations of basic food baskets to the Social Fund in SP and Porto Feliz;
  • Adhesion of Selezione Fasano to the Manifesto of Local Brands, a movement that promotes the local market in Brazilian retail;
  • 40% of the members of the Executive Board are women (2 out of 5 members);
  • 44% of leadership positions are held by women (supervisors, coordinators, managers and directors);
  • 58% of the holding is made up of women.
  • Member of the Novo Mercado;
  • 75% of the members of the Board of Directors are independent (6 out of 8 members);
  • Fiscal Council and Statutory Independent Audit Committee;
  • Compliance Week: availability of courses for employees;
  • Participation in the IGCB3, ITAGb3, IGC-NMB3 and IGCTB3 indexes;
  • Digital Committee;
  • Risk Management Committee;
  • Finance Committee;
  • ESG Committee;
  • Human resources Committee;
  • Related Party Transaction Committee;
  • Ethics and Conduct Committee;
  • Data Protection and Privacy Policy;
  • Compensation Policy;
  • Policy For Related Parties Transactions;
  • Risk Management Policy;
  • Referral Policy;
  • Dividend Policy;
  • Disclosure Policy;
  • Trading Policy;
  • Payment Range Policy;
  • Travel Policy;
  • Performance and Award Evaluation Policy.
  • A SpencerStuart study with data from 2021 shows that 44% of the positions on the board of companies in the new market are occupied by independent members. With 75% of independent members, JHSF is above average.
  • Purpose (Surprise, inspire, transform, accomplish);
  • Motivation (Quality and excellence);
  • Long-term vision;
  • Customer appreciation;
  • Innovation and creativity;
  • Tradition and Modernity;
  • Commitment;
  • Diversity and sustainable practices;
  • Average time in the company: 3 and a half years;
  • +2,396 employees, of which + 58% women at the Holding;
  • Implementation of the + Diversity program;